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Shipping Protection: Secure Your Shipment with Vikings Shipping Protection

At Vikings, we understand the importance of ensuring that your orders reach you safely and securely. That's why we offer the Vikings Shipping Protection, providing you with peace of mind in the unfortunate event that your delivery is damaged or lost during transit. (Stolen package are excluded from the protection package)

How it Works:

For a nominal fee equivalent to 5% of your order value, with a minimum charge of $0.75 and a maximum cap of $74.25, you can avail the benefits of our Vikings Shipping Protection. This additional layer of security guarantees that you're covered in case of unforeseen circumstances during the shipping process.


While Vikings Shipping Protection is comprehensive, it's essential to be aware of its limitations. The protection does not cover damages caused by extreme temperatures, whether it's freezing cold or scorching heat leading to melting. We recommend taking extra precautions for items sensitive to temperature changes, as this aspect is not covered under the Shipping Protection.

Why Choose Vikings Shipping Protection:

  1. Peace of Mind: Enjoy a worry-free shopping experience knowing that your orders are protected against damage or loss in transit.

  2. Affordable Coverage: The cost of Vikings Shipping Protection is a mere 5% of your order value, making it an affordable and sensible choice for safeguarding your purchases.

  3. Convenient Options: With a minimum protection fee of $0.75 and a maximum cap of $74.25, Vikings Shipping Protection provides flexibility, ensuring that the cost aligns with the value of your order.

How to Add Vikings Shipping Protection:

During the checkout process, simply opt-in for Vikings Shipping Protection. The protection fee will be calculated based on your order value, providing a transparent and hassle-free experience.

At Vikings, we prioritize your satisfaction, and Vikings Shipping Protection is just one of the ways we ensure that your shopping experience is secure and enjoyable. Shop with confidence, knowing that your purchases are backed by a reliable delivery guarantee.