Take advantage of exclusive discounts with the Vikings Rewards Program!

The Vikings reward program consists of accumulating points in order to redeem them for exclusive discounts.

There are several ways to earn points:

  • Make purchases
  • Your friends who use your promo link
  • At your birthday
  • And more!

For each online or in-store purchase, you earn points equal to

1 Viking point

How it works ?

On the site you will find a clickable button at the bottom right which will open a small window where you can register or connect to the reward program 👇

When you have chosen to register or login, you will be directed to the login page where you must enter your information

Then when you are connected to your account all the information concerning your points and your discounts will be found in the small window when you have clicked on the program icon

You will find your rewards, your points, the discounts you can unlock, how to get points and how to offer discounts.


Give discounts to your friends with your URL link and get 200 points on their next purchase!


Now that you know everything about the rewards program, don't wait any longer and start earning points today 👇