Allmax Agmatine Sulfate 34g
Allmax Agmatine Sulfate 34g


Allmax Agmatine Sulfate 34g

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Date:Best Before - February 2024
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Allmax Agmatine Sulfate 34g

Best Before - February 2024

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• Modulates Nitric Oxide Levels
• Improves Body Composition
• Supports a Healthy Stress Response

Agmatine has shown anxiolytic (relieves anxiety) activity in some research and may offer potential control of elevated cortisol levels in the stressful life of the athlete.

The majority of research recommends a daily dosage range for Agmatine Sulfate between 250 mg and 2.5 grams. We recommend a dosage of 750 mg about 30-45 minutes before a workout.

ALLMAX Agmatine Sulfate comes in a highly pure (assay over 99%) and stable powder form that allows you to dose very precisely and add to any stack you choose. Included is a very convenient 1.5 cc scoop providing a dosage of 750 mg.

Agmatine is a natural substance produced by various areas of the body. Indeed, several disease states seem to be associated with abnormally low levels of Agmatine in various locations in the body.

Research using adult rats that consumed large amounts of Agmatine sulfate over three months showed no negative effects in their behavior or in their organs. The only effects noted were slight but significant reductions in body weight and blood pressure. While clinical trials in humans have shown that taking 3.5 g of Agmatine sulfate each day is safe over 21 days, two researchers consumed 2.6 g of Agmatine sulfate each day for five years and had no adverse events. Thus, Agmatine sulfate is likely to be safe when taken in 2 to 3 g doses each day for up to five years or longer in healthy individuals.

Not all Agmatine Sulfate products are created equal!

DIY: Don’t depend on under-dosed Pre-Workout Powders to deliver the level of Agmatine Sulfate that’s effective for you! Get ALLMAX Agmatine Sulfate and add the level that is ideal for your workout. You choose the dosage that works best for you! Best of all, it’s inexpensive! You’re getting over 45 servings in a single bottle.

ALLMAX uses only the best ingredients in all of its products – Agmatine Sulfate is no exception. We have sourced out the purest and most organic form available to ensure our consumers get the very best product available. Unlike many other Agmatine Sulfate products on the market, ours is a naturally derived organic version which has the advantage of not only being more pure (assay >99%), but also of being free from Arcaine & Putrescine, a byproduct of the (more common) synthetically derived version. If it doesn’t say Agmapure, it isn’t.

The ALLMAX Guarantee is our promise to you that we rigorously test, re-test and audit each lot of raw materials. We produce our products in only registered cGMP facilities with full-government registered site licences. When you are buying products to enhance your performance and improve your health, it is imperative that you trust the source.

ALLMAX has been delivering the highest standard in quality for over 15 years. ALLMAX is a brand that you can trust to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge supplements to help you reach your goals.

ALLMAX Agmatine Sulfate is available in a 1.2 oz (34 g) size.