Healthy protein chicken wrap

Healthy protein chicken wrap

228 CALORIES/PORTION -  10.8g CARBOHYDRATES | 1.5g FIBER | 7.8g FAT | 29.5g PROTEIN - 4 portions
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@lyssamariefitness 228 calories/portion G 10,8g Fibre 1,5g L 7,8g P 29,5g donne 4 portions - 2 poitrines de poulet cuits - 1t. fromage mozarella - épices (poivre,sel,cumin, paprika et poudre d'ail) - 2 c. table de philadelphia léger - 1/2 t. de sauce BBQ sans sucre - 1 c. table de jus de lime - sriracha au goût - 4 trotillas protéinés Mettre au air fryer pendant environ 5 minutes avec un spray d'huile d'avocat. #idéerecette #recette #recetterapide #recettesimple #pertedepoids #pertedegras ♬ son original - Recettes perte de gras 🥑

Healthy protein chicken wrap

Introducing our delicious, healthy protein-wrapped chicken recipe – a culinary delight that strikes the perfect balance between deliciousness and nutrition. Each chicken wrap clocks in at 228 calories and contains 29.5g of protein, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a satisfying yet health-conscious meal.

Lean and tasty chicken

To start you need 2 boiled chicken breasts, cooked to perfection in water for a lean and healthy protein base, the recipe turns out with lots of flavor. Then, elevate the flavor, with a mixture of pepper, salt, cumin, paprika and garlic powder. This spice blend will guarantee you an explosion of exquisite flavor.

Healthy Creamy and Flavorful Additions

Second, the chicken protein wrap recipe includes mozzarella cheese first for a delicious taste. Next, you should add light Philadelphia cream cheese for a creamier texture. To finish, add a tantalizing splash of G Hughes Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce. This gluten-free sauce, with only 2 g of carbs per serving, delivers smoky flavor without compromising your healthy eating goals.

Protein wrap and spicy finishes

Third, to spice up your healthy wrap, add lime juice. Then, if you like a spicy touch, you can include sriracha to taste. Then wrap it all in Joseph's protein-rich tortillas. Joseph's Healthy Protein Tortillas contain a unique blend of flax, oat bran and whole wheat bread. As a result you get a tortilla full of 7g of protein and only 80 calories per serving.

Crispy and healthy texture

Finally, add a touch of healthy avocado oil and so you get a crispy textured wrap in just 5 minutes in the air fryer. In fact avocado oil is chosen for its distinctive flavor and the benefits of monounsaturated fats. It therefore offers you a smart and delicious alternative to conventional oils.

So embark on a journey of flavor and wellness with our Healthy Protein Wrap Chicken recipe – a delicious package of taste and nutrition that makes every bite a guilt-free pleasure.


- 2 cooked chicken breasts
- 1 cup mozarella cheese
- Spices (pepper, salt, cumin, paprika and garlic powder)
- 2 tbsp. light Philadelphia
- 1/2 cup sugar-free BBQ sauce - G Hughes BBQ Sauce
- 1 tbsp. lime juice
- Sriracha to taste
- 4 protein tortillas - Joseph's Tortillas


1. Cook the chicken and cut it into small pieces
2. In a bowl, add the chicken and all the ingredients and mix until completely combined.
3. Put the mixture on the tortillas and roll it to make a wrap
4. Put into air fryer with a push of avocado oil et cook 5 min.

By Lyssa-Marie Gagne
Instagram @lyssamariegagne | TikTok @lyssamariefitness