Chocolate protein donuts for fat loss

Chocolate protein donuts for fat loss


@lyssamariefitness Beignets au chocolat en perte de gras environ 71 calories G 10,1g L 0,7g P 6,1g 3/4 t. de farine de blé 1/4 de cacao en poudre 2 scoop de protéine chocolat (20% avec lyssa20 sur @Vikings Nutrition) quelques gouttes de stévia drops 3/4 t. de yogourt grec nature 1. Mélanger tous les ingrédients 2. former 12 boules 3. mettre au airfryer à 350F pendant environ 5 minutes. #recettefacile #recetterapide #snacks #collationhealthy #pertedepoids #pertedegras #cravings ♬ son original - Lyssa 🥑Perte de gras

Chocolate protein donuts for fat loss

Are you looking for an alternative to your sweet cravings? Is every morning a struggle not to order a good donut with your Tim coffee? Discover our delicious recipe for chocolate protein donuts to satisfy your cravings while working on your fat loss. This Timbits-style donut recipe has an intelligent nutritional formulation, allowing you to enjoy yourself while remaining faithful to your well-being goals.

Why are these chocolate donuts good for fat loss?

First of all, unlike traditional donut recipes, our version of chocolate protein donut has optimal nutritional balance. By opting for wheat flour, you get a donut rich in essential nutrients. At the same time, it provides healthier digestion, a more efficient metabolism and lasting energy. These benefits are ideal for those looking to lose fat. Additionally, whole wheat flour has a lower glycemic index than refined white flour. This means it releases glucose more slowly into the bloodstream. It therefore avoids blood sugar peaks followed by abrupt drops. These blood sugar swings can trigger cravings and cravings for sugar, which is detrimental to our goals. Due to its high fiber content, wheat flour may also promote satiety. That is to say, it can reduce overeating and control appetite.

Additionally, by using stevia as an alternative to sugar in our chocolate donuts, we significantly reduce calorie intake. So, it is ideal to get a healthy recipe for fat loss.

Why choose protein donuts?

Our protein chocolate donuts stand out for their improved nutritional content. Chocolate whey adds rich flavor and increases the protein content of each donut. Since the addition of these proteins is essential for fat loss, it transforms our donuts into a healthy snack. Additionally, replacing part of the flour with protein reduces the carbohydrate and calorie content. Therefore, we increase the overall nutritional value of our donuts. Thanks to these proteins, we help maintain muscle mass while promoting satiety. This is how it helps control snacking urges and achieve those weight loss goals more effectively.

How to Make Chocolate Protein Donuts Recipe


  • 3/4 cup wheat flour
  • 1/4 cocoa powder
  • 2 scoops of chocolate protein - Limitless Pharma
  • A few drops of stevia drops - Stevia Good Good
  • 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt


  1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients
  2. Form 12 balls
  3. Place in Air Fryer at 350F for about 5 minutes.

In summary, by opting for our protein chocolate donuts, you can enjoy the gourmet pleasure of chocolate while progressing towards your fat loss goals! With the perfect balance of wholesome and nutritious ingredients, these donut holes are more than just a dessert - they're a delicious step towards better health and a slimmer figure.

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