Homemade Protein Bar

Homemade Protein Bar

379 CALORIES -  20.8g CARBOHYDRATES | 5.1g FIBER | 27.8g FAT | 15.8g PROTEIN
@lyssamariefitness Recette de barres de chocolat maison avec des ingrédients sains. environ 379 calories G 20,8g F 5,1g L 27,8g P 15,8g 1 tasse de farine d'amande 1/2 t. de poudre protéine vanille (20% avec lyssa20 @Vikings Nutrition) 2 c. table d'huile noix de coco 1/4 t. de lait d'amande 2e 1/2 t. de beurre d'arachide 2 c. table de sirop d'érable ou sans sucre sel 3e 100g chocolat noir #recette #recettefacile #protein #chocolat #pertedegras #pertedegras ♬ son original - Recettes perte de gras 🥑

Homemade Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe

Passionate about fitness and healthy eating? Looking for a snack to help you reach your goals?

Imagine a homemade bar, rich in protein that offers you exceptional taste! This homemade protein bar recipe with chocolate and peanut butter is the perfect reward after a long workout. It contains nutritious and protein ingredients including whey protein, almond milk, almond flour, coconut oil and several other ingredients that give it its delicious flavor.

The power of the bar: whey protein

First of all, whey protein, also known as whey, is the focal point of our homemade protein bar. It is a complete protein source, promoting muscle recovery and growth after your intense training sessions. Whey, thanks to its high bioavailability, ensures rapid assimilation, nourishing your muscles effectively.

The Nutritious Alliance of Milk and Almond Flour

Almond milk and flour work together to bring nutritional richness to our homemade snack. Unlike wheat flour, almond flour is a healthier option. That is to say, it offers a lighter and gluten-free alternative, in addition to being full of flavor. Additionally, almond flour adds a delicate texture and provides essential fatty acids for long-lasting energy, avoiding the negative health effects associated with refined wheat flour.

Coconut Oil: the natural fuel of the bar

Coconut oil is a natural fuel providing medium chain triglycerides (MCT) for rapid, sustained energy. It adds a light tropical flavor to our protein bar while supporting cardiovascular health and metabolism.

A protein bar packed with flavor

Peanut butter, rich in protein and healthy fats, pairs with maple syrup, providing natural sweetness to our bar. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, brings an exquisite touch while also being full of beneficial antioxidants.

With this homemade protein bar, every bite is a celebration of nutritional goodness, personalized to nourish and support your active body. Enjoy every moment, because your health deserves the best!



  1.  In a bowl, add almond flour, protein powder, melt coconut oil and gradually add the almond milk and mix until completely combined.
  2.  Put the mix in a mold
  3.  In another bowl mix the peanut butter melted in the microwave with the maple syrup and salt until completely combined.
  4. Pour the mixture over the first mix in the mold
  5. Place in freezer for 2 hours
  6. When completely frozen cut into 6 pieces
  7. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the dark chocolate.
  8. Dip the bars in the melted chocolate and wait for the chocolate to harden before eating.

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