Raw Protein Cookie Dough in a dish

Raw Protein Cookie Dough

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@lyssamariefitness environ 230 calories G 7g Fibre 3,6g L 12,6g P 21g par portion - 1/2 t. de farine d'amande - 1/2 t. de farine de lupin - 2 scoops protéines biscuit et crème (20% avec le code lyssa20 sur @Vikings Nutrition) - 1 t. de fromage cottage 1% - 2 c. table de graines de lin moulues - chocolat noir donne 6 portions la farine de lupin provient également de vikings nutrition #recettefacile #recetterapide #highprotein #healthyeating #healthyfood ♬ son original - Recettes perte de gras 🥑

Raw Protein Cookie Dough Recipe

Welcome to the delicious world of nutritious and healthy desserts. I present to you our exclusive recipe for raw protein cookie dough, designed especially for fitness enthusiasts and those who are conscious of their diet! If you care about what you eat while trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, this recipe is for you!

Raw cookie dough without wheat flour

First of all, our raw protein cookie dough does not contain wheat flour. Our recipe is made with ingredients specially selected to meet your nutritional needs.

Our dough contains almond flour, which is rich in healthy fats. Therefore, it will provide unsaturated fatty acids beneficial for the heart. Also, due to this source of vegetable proteins, it promotes the regulation of blood sugar and satiety. So it allows you to feel full for a longer period of time. This feeling allows us to avoid eating other snacks throughout the evening!

Next, we added lupine flour to our cookie dough recipe. This flour is a real nutritional gem, it stands out for its high content of high quality vegetable proteins. Thanks to its excellent source of essential amino acids, it is beneficial for muscle building and post-workout recovery. Also, lupine flour is naturally low in carbohydrates, making it an ideal choice for those looking to control their carbohydrate intake while still getting a dose of essential nutrients.

Even more protein ingredients for our cookie dough

Continuing with our protein-rich ingredients, adding cottage cheese to our raw cookie dough recipe adds a slow-digesting protein source. This provides a creamy texture to our recipe while providing benefits for muscle growth. For a maximum dose of protein and a biscuit-flavored taste, we added whey protein.

A simple recipe packed with nutrients

The flax seeds included in the recipe make the cookie dough rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It therefore provides an additional dose of beneficial nutrients for the brain and body. And of course, don't forget dark chocolate, not only for its decadent flavor, but also for its antioxidants.

Finally, each serving of our raw protein cookie dough contains only 230 calories and contains 21g of protein to support your diet. Whether you are looking to maximize your performance at the gym or simply adopt a balanced diet, our raw protein biscuit dough is the perfect ally to combine taste pleasure and nutritional benefits. Enjoy every bite while optimally nourishing your body!


1. In a mixer, add all ingredient.
2. Mix until completely combined.

6 portions

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